Join those changing the future of shrimp aquaculture

Achieving our vision for the sustainable future of shrimp aquaculture involves engaging more small and mid-sized farms in working towards the highest levels of environmental and social performance in order to produce the highest quality shrimp. By including more farms and regions into the SSP program we hope the raise the performance of the sector as a whole.

With the support and guidance of the SSP Advisory Board – IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) – we have developed the SSP Scale-up programme.

The SSP Scale Up Programme defines and facilitates a trajectory for any producer who wishes to improve their sustainability performance, and work towards achieving the SSP product qualification criteria. A bottoms-up approach to drive improvements in farm performance over time it is established in 3 levels:

  • Export Fit: SSP will support farms and assist in the implementation of better management practices and prepare them for international markets.
  • ASC: Farms will enter an ASC pre-assessment to help determine areas for improvement to achieve the ASC certification.
  • SSP: Support Farms to meet SSP additional criteria: Zero Antibiotics, Traceability, Neutral Impact on Water.

Interested in becoming an SSP member?

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