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Waking up to new leadership of sustainable shrimp

The Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP) and the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification – ICONTEC – have come together to develop the qualification metrics behind the SSP’s high quality and sustainably produced farmed shrimp. ICONTEC who led the development of the protocols for Coffee´s National Federation, a recognized brand that represents coffee growers in Colombia regarding sustainable practices, has been bought on board by SSP to develop the criteria to validate the group’s demanding protocols for zero use of antibiotics, full traceability, and no negative impact on the local environment shown through a water quality measure.

The external validation and compliance of these protocols will boost the competitiveness of SSP shrimp in international markets, and at the same time offer consumers confidence that they are purchasing a high-quality and healthy product which meets the highest standards.

“As we prepare to take SSP shrimp to market, we are taking every step to ensure we not only have the highest levels of sustainability in our operations, but that we also have the most rigorous protocols in place to provide our customers and consumers complete trust that they are purchasing the highest-quality product.” Said Jose Antonio Camposano, Executive President, National Chamber of Aquaculture, Ecuador. “ICONTEC bring excellent expertise in not only developing practical metrics, but in providing robust and credible protocols which the global marketplace can depend upon.”

“The SSP came to us with a very simple proposition – help us develop strict protocols for our product criteria which will provide global confidence in our products and in our commitment to doing the right thing,” said Leonardo Fuquen, Commercial Director ICONTEC. “It is now our role to turn their vision into a measurable benchmark they can be held accountable to.”

Alongside its three product criteria, all SSP products will be farmed to meet the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) Standard.

The Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification – ICONTEC, is a non-profit entity, of recognized international suitability, which has among its objectives to develop tools that contribute to improving the competitiveness of organizations through innovative services that generate value.

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