Growing the Future

We are a group of leading companies who share one mission: to make shrimp aquaculture a clean, stable, and successful practice for the world. In order to reach our goal, we have set a clear and ambitious plan to elevate the whole sector to the next level.

  • Produce a healthy, nutritious, and pure product farmed in a sustainable way.
  • Work in collaboration with each other, and our stakeholders, to improve social and environmental performance.
  • Create differentiation and offer improved choice for consumers in global seafood markets, by increasing awareness of preferential environmental and social practices of SSP members, and set an example for others to follow.


To Drive Industry


The best goals are the ones that
always keep you improving.

SSP members are committed to achieving the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) Standard. The ASC standard is widely recognized as the most challenging and stringent certification scheme for aquaculture, and as SSP members, we are not only committed to achieving it, but also by surpassing it by meeting SSP additional criteria.

  • Zero Antibiotics

    Commit to the use of zero antibiotics across the production process.

  • Traceability

    Provide a high quality, and safe product for consumers, guarantee full transparency and traceability across the production process by providing essential information about how SSP shrimp was farmed, and its journey from farm to consumer.

  • Neutral Impact on Water

    Best-practices to minimise environmental impact, ensuring that the water used by shrimp farms maintains the same high quality as its origin.

  • Sustainability Leadership

    Shape the future of aquaculture

    By building powerful alliances in collaboration with other companies, NGOS’s and stakeholders, together we will support industry-wide improvements to elevate the industry to the next level.

  • Scale Up

    Join those changing the future of shrimp aquaculture

    Work with small and mid-sized farms to help them improve practices and work up to achieving SSP standards. Encourage other countries to keep improving their social and environmental performance to improve the sector as a whole.

  • Consumer

    The best food is the food we can trust

    We are looking to create differentiation in global seafood markets so that consumers can easily find, and choose, shrimp produced to the highest standards. High quality shrimp, farmed by people who care, for people who care.

Interested in becoming an SSP member?

If you share our vision for a more sustainable future for shrimp aquaculture, can meet our commitment criteria, and are keen to work in partnership - then get in touch! (593) 42683017 - 42682617